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blah blah blah.. [19 Sep 2004|11:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]

my journal is boring, i can't do anything it's not creative. hopefuLly kenny wiLl heLp me. neways this weekend I worked worked worked, and slept in early last night and got up reaLly late today before work, i was super tired. tommorow i have Classes' woo hoo I get to see Brandon tommorow im so excited :D he's so cute.. I've been thinking of him alL weekend. jason and joe finaLly apologized. and we are cool again. i guess. but i dont want it to go to an extant.
yup.. im gonna try not to talk to them as much as they try to talk to me. neways tommorow after school im gonna visit my cusion in riverside, im not working tiL friday again. blah blah blah.. work work work.. neways gnite.. bye<33

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bored. thought i might type [16 Sep 2004|12:54am]
weLl jason and I are done, and i must say im haPPy =D i dont want this shit to go on again like how nick was with me. plz god. so i decided to use my own techniques. i tOld him whilE i was supposably with him i had a bf. and that my bf didn't mind @ aLl and thought it was pretty funny. wElL jaSon MaTthew that's what U get! u think u can get me on this.. hELL naW chILD u r DEAD!!! :D
neways christa has a bf his name is Sky Thunder, he's native indian!!
he's a cutie, doesn't look native thought he looks more asian.
I pretend hes my bf. I LOVE geTting HEr maD!!
weLl neways im Off to bed bye

been awhile [11 Sep 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

what's up peoples. ok so here's my journal entry where should i start off before i get ready for work. well on friday which was yesterday I didn't go to the temple i thought i was just going to help my parents with the serving out the food turns out we were also going to sit there. blahhh i am very immpatient. and i know they would of kept me there forever.
so i just ended up going out with christa she envited me to go to the mall with her. Lets see we went shopping or she need'd to go shopping we bought " pink ladies" jackets. and then after that we decided we didn't want to eat @ the mall so we went to jack n the box by her house. i swore i saw everyone and there mom yesterday. so after all that I went to my boyfriend's mom's house. he is over there for the weekend. It was lightning.. *aghhhhh* he's a sweetheart and I love him very much. =D
it's cute when he get's mad.. <3 bahahah.
neways i am so tired. i wanna sleep but i have to be @ work soon BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!@ neways im gonna go bye<3 x0x


Agh i haven't entered in my journal [28 Aug 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Omg, it's been so long where should i start off!? ok I started school and I am still working at the residence inn, and I am loving all 3 of my classe's this semester it's great... I went with christa to the incubus concert, april sold me her tickets since she doesn't like incubus, *Brandon Boyd* got nakied practically!
I love Ashlee Simpson, she's coming to Brea Mall in October I am going to go see her =)
oh yes, i talked to nick like 3 weeks ago, he's soo dumb, i just want to go to his house and smak him but then i figured that drive to his house is so not worth it =D im pretty busy in my life aint got time for little children games, ecspecially with people who would continuesly acuse me for things i never said or did, but who cares i got school and work in my life, and the hot guys in my English and math class<3 im such a pimpsta, oh ya and can't forget about my trainer Danny, he's soo cute<3 i want some of that, maybe i could do some situps on him =x haha! well my mom yashveer and yashwin along with my aunt and uncle and there sons are gone to Florida so i am here home with my dad =D it's so great 1 week with out problemos Loving every moment of it.
my god, I love the assistant and the way andy dick cut's people that chick melissa is adorable i'd be her friend =)
hahaha ok im bored i am gonna go now<3 byee people

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today is bad luck day, but i think its more like depressed day [13 Aug 2004|02:35pm]
Well it's been awhile since I entered in my journal, but I am gonna go ahead and do that!! LOL CHRISTA * you are a dork* thanks for getting jacob's elmo phone stuck in my head with his stupid sayin " lalala elmo" neways i've had a bad month straight out, i am irritated well technically it's not the month its just this week put together! sometimes when people feel like they meet people and you think everything turns out perfect and then all of a sudden turns out to be bullshit and whatever it's like sad because you get blamed for things you never said, did or do! and i just hate it, man if matt or ryan were alive i would give the world anything ecspecially to those 2 boys and be dead, what the fuck do i need to be alive for all my life ive been walked on treated like dirt and everything on top of it, im not perfect for anyone or anything i cant satisfy my own need's or anyone else's it hurts at times when people think that you say something and then others switch it around to make it sound like you said something else. really noone understands me! I thought KARLA FUCKIN understood me oh did that bitch do me wrong.. I thought at a time my own mom understood me but she wasn't there for me when i need'd her.. but it's ok, i always tell myself I came alone i will eventually die alone* no guys no girls no family relatives noone to be next to me, i rather have everyone happy then sad!
i was brought up in a complicated world and I live in a complicated world, people think of me as something i am not, people judge me of something they dont know me as! that sayin is "don't judge a book by its cover" and obviously i get judged by because they don't like me. it's cool all my life it was like that the passed 19 yrs. i dunno but hey eventually i'll survive or whatever i think i am gonna go to bed now bye<3 x0x

sad [09 Aug 2004|10:18pm]
Im sad, because I can't seem to get my Live Journal, background to work! i want to put a picture on there but for some reason it's not agreeing with me unless im being retaded, and don't know how to do it* everyone else seems to get it, why can't I. neways I went to the gym today and I got myself a personal trainer, which is cool.. I'm going to be working with her 5 day's aweek her name is Kristin, she's soo cool! so anyways... ya i am still working at the residence inn pretty ok i guess just don't like the night shift hours!! blah... so ya im bummed out about that! well im gonna go i have a boring journal... maybe i'll end up canceling it.

im giving up on my journal [01 Aug 2004|11:26pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Now a days' i don't have time to write in my journal.. well my 3 day's of work is coming up where i get my day's off Monday thru Wednesday* =)
wOoH hOo!!* neway's I got off work @ 5pm yesterday, went to the gym, for half hour, and then I got ready and went over to Christa's house watched her hoochie self do her hair, and get ready. after that we were deciding where to go eat... so we finally decided~ and we went to Apple bees' it was nice and mmmm good<3 lol we say MICHA bahahahahhahah omg... but I am glad he never saw me... haha... and sarah moore was with him =)
she is all tatted up now.. after that we went to Ontario mills' i got a new sticker for my car " VOLCOM GIRL" with stars on the side, it's hot<3 I'm loving it.. stupid guy was rude though (smak yourself for your idiot self) then christa and I went to go get raymund, because he needed to get out of the house, so we picked him up and then we were deciding of to where to go, so we went to cold stone first time for me to get ice cream from there it was pretty good, and then we went to the GRAVE YARDD!! we went to visit mrs clark cuz she was hanging out with matthew<3 omg, when we got there we were scared because we saw 5 little baby bunnies running across the field so that scared us, we were there til 1145.. after that i took raymund and christa home, and came home @ 1230 my dad thought i came home around 2 am ya right my ass was asleep @ 2 am, lol well neways im gonna go now byee!!


mad~! [25 Jul 2004|11:41pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

I'm mad because of stupid ass people @ my Job!! I hate working with 1 1/2 people ecspecially if there name is APRIL and Naiomee! well I have no problem with Naiomee, but just April she fuckin pisses me off to the limit! FUCKIN FAT ASS HEFFA BITCH~who the hell is she to put me down and tell me shit, she's just another fuckin employee at this job that has been working there over a yr, and thinks she can tell me shit.. oh big fuckin deal she just goes there for the hours, atleast i put effort into my job.Man if i had one wish for this whole entire world I would shoot myself and DIE!



Long TIME [25 Jul 2004|01:26am]
[ mood | chipper ]

wow this has been a long ass time since I entered in my Journal! well I dunno if I want one anymore~

I used to write in it like every day, but now I don't I just don't go time, with work, being tired and going to school (well I did go to school but I dropped my class) anyways, today I went to work til 5 pm, took my dog out for awalk and then came back took a shower, got ready went to Riverside hung out with my sista ChRiStA<333 x0x we went to JaCk N the HOe<3 and then to the MoVieS! weLl first we went to Ray's house cuz he called me but then he said he didn't want to go to the Movies!! we went to watch " A cinderella movie" it was soo good<3 I love Chad Micheal MurRy he's soo Hot<3 and hilary duff is just too cute!! I have loved her since she was in Lizzie Miguire on the Disney channel! on monday I am taking Yashveer, Gene, and Christa to 6 Flags, since Yashveer and Gene hasn't been anywhere that much during this whole summer I felt bad!! so I have 4 day's off need to talk to my manager (Lorraine) I know she will negoitate something with me!! wOoP wOoP wELl anyways im getting tired going to bed GnitE<3 x0x


corruption life sucks while u add it [08 Jul 2004|12:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Well I sure as haven't wrote in my journal in a long ass time! tonight I talked to my sister <3 Christaaaaa we are soo best friends I love having the replay moments of high school it's comedy how raymund and samir and everyone else would be that's what I miss the most!!
I looked at my middle school year book to look up someone and she sure isnt pretty Jason, u better break up with her and get back with my sister!!
Omg I am falling apart I feel like tears are about to roll down my eyes!
Why because I am scared of a few things that could happen in my LIFE!! me loosing my dad, me getting my heart broken all over again!
On 4th of july my dad had a stroke which lead to his heart to stop pumping, when i saw him laying on the ground @ first I got scared, and didn't know what to do until I woke him up, then I was waiting for the paramedics to come, when they came and got him it happened to him again @ the hospital... and it scared me so much because that's my dad and I am soo close to him and sure as hell don't know what I would do if I lost him! Becky lost her daddy I am truley sorry Becky, but remember he's with matt<3 ryan<3 and my aunt<3 may they rest in peace!
OoOoOoOoOoh man I miss Matt and Ryan SooOoOooOooOooO much!!! why guys~** wanna trade places with me??
My math Class is extremely boring** my job working with residence inn is awesome! I love my assistant manager, and my General manager they are so cool the only people i kind of don't get along with is April and Niaomi! ok Niamoi is pretty nice when she want's to be but April omg, I can't stand her! she thinks she can boss me around NOOO I DONT LIKE that from someone
well blahhhhhh

wow, I can't believe it's 1223 ya I am tired.. took a break from doing my math homework!
ok so ya, there's this person ________ no name!! hahahah seriously though no name!
he's a cutie, nice, funny, and everything but I don't think he's into me I feel like I bug him to much I am not gonna call him forawhile!
he's soo nice and everything but geesh I can tell that he doesn't like talking to me** well that's it i am already depressed as u can see ok i am gonna go byE<333


aghh what an intresting weekend! [20 Jun 2004|03:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

What's up everyone long time no enter in my journal, I have been VERY VERY BUSY with SCHOOL and WORK it's TERRIBLE! and when I want to enter in my JOURNAL i can't because I am too tired to type alot ,like right now! I am so tired don't know if I can manage. but I am just waiting for my laundry to finish! lets see where should I start off. Gaby my manager is a BITCH totally hate her my PROFESSOR @ school is tremendoulsy boring!! zZzZzZz.. can sleep in that class!
ok well I got a new boyfriend, he's totally wonderful and starting to open up his name is Cody, he's 19 and lives in Long bEach 20 minutes from me!! I have been hanging out with him alot =x
been a bad kid man I tell ya! I almost had sex.. but when he went in me it was hurting like a bitch man when he goes down on me it's like WHOA i love it.!! and i go down on him He's very romantic he does so much for me.. he's really cute He took me out to see this beach thing in Laguna!! awww was it romantic*
I can't loose him, if I do than omg I will go insane.. On friday night he was gone aLL night to Hollywood with his friends, didn't come home til like 130 or so... when he came back I was talking to Lori on the phone and he called me =)
It was SOoOoOoOoO sweet at first we argued than he envited me over! we were gonna watch a movie, but they ended up not having the movie*
so we went to Laguna, and than went back to his place =x
after that I came home called him talked to him for awhile** aww I miss him right now*!~~*~@!!
ok well IM outro I am tired GOOD NIGHT!


Long boring day!! [06 Jun 2004|10:08pm]
Well today I went to sleep around 4 am in the morning and got up about 330 pm I was so tired because I didn't sleep til early this morning!! after that I checked my email's and then got ready for work went to get something from Rite Aid and than got grub from Taco bell, than I went into work I was there for 2 1/2 hr's it was dead no customer's and very boring!! after that I went to visit Lori @ work and bought 2 pairs of earrings one was silver stars and the other ones was yellow an silver flowers I like em, I talked to lori for awhile, than I came home and just cleaned my room an changed my purse and wallet! well the Lakers Lost tonight =( I am very SAD!!
it's ok the next game they'll end up WinnIng!
well gonna go byE<33 xOxo

Blah Blah Blah... what a weekend!! [06 Jun 2004|03:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

blah blah blah, this weekend has been tyring and some what boring!! yesterday *Friday* I went into work all day~ Long STRESSfull day, until I got my pay check in the evening =) they had me working until closed!! I was soooooooo mad!! cuz I had to pull an all day but only get about 1 hr and 45 minutes to go home and rest! but I didnt go home I ended up going to Garden Grove and I picked up Lori and we went to the Block before she can go into work because she needed a ride to work! So after that I went home chilled @ home for alittle bit went back to work!! than as I got off work I chilled @ home and relaxed! this morning I got up around 11 am I was so tired! I went to the bank for my mom and myself, than I got some icecream mmmm *mint chocolate chip and rainbow sherbert*ok so ya! than my mom and them had there 2 hrs of prayer session, and I was soo freaking out because my belly ring was being retarded.. I had picked up lori from her house and the guy at the body shop told me that my work clothes was rubbing on to the belly ring and it got infected, and it did that because the piercing was just new!! so I changed the barbell and got a new one! I don't really like the new one because its a hopp and it's plain boring! he said after 6 months I can change it!! =)

My ex boyfriend Nicholas is RETARDED but I still love him no matter what friendship or nothing!Haha the other night Lori and I was talking to him on the phone and he was being stupid and I made a joke with him about his piggy bank!! hahaha u had to be there to understand the Joke!!


agh I am so tired right now!! I think i am going to go to bed!! good night!! oh ya I don't like JAMES after all!! he's lame-O! as for Jose, well our friendship is breaking because he's being stupid!! so I guess whatever for him and I! Ok I am gonna go byE<33333



cry my life out [02 Jun 2004|12:40am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I am tired, and just realized I can't sleep I am depressed!! I started school today, didn't end up going though! I would of been late for class and that's embarrassing going to class as the session is taking place! So I will just attend tommorow =)
I talked to James R. tonight* Well I called him so he returned my call! I like that actually =)
He's cool to talk to and a cutie also!
I miss Chris, I haven't heard from him in along tim!! I think I am going to call him up tommorow* But James is who I want to be with** man I jump from boy to boy, every week or day!! don't mind me about that I am so stupid like that*
wElL right now I just finished crying I don't feel like typing anymore because I have to get up in the morning for work and than go to school in the evening so I am going to let u people go bye<3 gnite XoxO


Bad weekend until the best thing ever happened to me tonight!! [31 May 2004|12:40am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Whats up everyone well I thought I should share my intresting weekend!! well this whole weekend has been me going to the hospital to visit my uncle which he still is in!! As u probably know or I am nice enough to share with you people that he had 4 bi pass surgeries in 1.. they had to cut up his arm,chest across, and his left leg!!
he had a blockage happeneing! the times I went to the hospital to visit him, well he couldn't breath but hopefully his breathing will go up to 1000 because that's what the doctor said in order for them to relase him from the hospital. after the days I have visited my uncle.. I have been going to my aunts house, and hanging out with my cusions, and visiting my family.. I even went to visit christa but she was busy painting her room!! I hope she's done =) I enjoyed painting the only bad thing is that... i got some paint on me!!
well since lori was out with her lover boy all of yesterday I thought about taking her out tonight (sunday) we went to New Port Beach and than from there ended up going to Hunington Beach, got boring so we left to go to the Block did a little shopping need'd to fill some gas.. so it took us 30 minutes to find a gas lot.. so we filled gas than we called Joel, he was out playing a game of pool, I love playing pool! than we went to Savon because we girls needed to use the restroom, so we went! than called Jackie today is Jackie's birthday HaPpY biRthdAy!!
than we got invited to the PoOl Hall Joel called us up, so we went to go see what it was like.. it was fun!! he looked adorable as usal!!
well tonight I went to work! will the guy i work with on Sundays was telling me how 7 black guys would come into the store and question him about things.. I think they are trying to rob us but there's no way I am going to be working by myself ever ever alone in Subway!!
so anyways, ya tonight was cool!! I truely Love Lori!! but one thing I pray is for things to work out good for Joel and I and hopefully he likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend!! =O)
he's just adorable!<3 XOxO


crazy times [29 May 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Well whats up everyone, i guess ill enter in my journal tonight since i have nothing to do and half of my friends are not online!well today was a crazy day, late for work by a minute or so, Gaby had me working extra hour today!! which is retarded she sends me home one day earlier than i am normally suppose to go than she keeps me an extra early on the day i am suppose to leave work on my regular hours she can't make up her mind or what!! well some people just bug they come into work and ask for too much, well there was this really nice lady i had a nice conversation with as i was making her lunch!! i burned my finger tuching a hot plate it was not pretty it hurts and it still kinda hurts, after work my mom was stuck in traffic (freeway) so she had no way of getting yashveer and yashwin so i ended up getting them.
after dropping them @ home I went to visit my uncle @ the hospital poor thatha he had 4 bi pass surgeries 1 time, today he had to wear an oxygen mask because he couldn't breath at one point. than after the hospital i thought of visiting lori at work so i did, but i got bored so i told her i'd see her on her break but she couldnt come out, which was a bummer, so i was just walking around and than i got my nails done! damn asian ladies take forever.
so, than i went to Rite Aid bought some makeup and a new hair brush... than i ended up going to the grocery store, for my mom, was running late my dad was hungry and he got mad and left, and so after that I went to take my brother to my cusions house, which was ok, so than I left and came home took a shower and here i am now, ok well i am gonna go bye<333 xoxo


WoOp WoOp [27 May 2004|11:43pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

What's up everyone!! well I am here, sitting on my computer desk being a AOL nerd!! talking to Kenny because that's what I do best! neways lately I have been hanging out with my best friend Lori<33 Woo Hoo she took me some where very exciting some where I got to do something to my self, no not have an orgasm, haha jk.. I got my nose and belly pierced! Its outrageous!*~ I told some people I know they were suprised, I showed my mom, and she was like aww u look like a true indian girl now, i laughed!!
Omg, Omg, Im so head over heels on Joel!! woo hoo that sucka!! he's goregous im gonna rape him, ok well no i wanna make out with him he rocks my boat!! I miss him, the sad part is I haven't talked to him since last saturday and I was telling Lori that's its almost a week since I haven't talked to him!!
Im SOoOOooOo Excited i got 2 pictures of him!! he looks hot*
ok I have been shopping this whole week like crazy, yesterday I got some Volcom stuff, hand bag wallet and roxy shoes, and 2 tops from hollister along with a perfume from Hollister, than I got another wallet today, along with my 2 piercings oh ya don't forget a new cd today!!! i think I am gonna quit.. well no i need to go make up shopping tommorow which i am going to suceed in!! so ya Im such a shopaholic!! i met lori's boyfriend josh woo hoo he's a cutie, and funny..GooD luck Lori and Josh!!
Yes I want JoEl!! JoEL F. M. I WANT U NOWWWWW
ok enough with this bye<3


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO MEE [23 May 2004|04:39am]
[ mood | energetic ]





Lakers won wOoP wOoP [21 May 2004|11:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Lakersssssssssssss won tonight!! yaAAaAAa

Ok so anyways I worked all this week, and tommorow i get a Day off and Monday too which is cool =)

i need a day off I've been working my ass off... hahaha i got 2 pay checks today, one from the school district for 12.00 bucks thats like a rip off.. and the other one was for work @ subway not sure how much it totally was.**today i talked to Christa<333 woOoHOoOo Im gonna pick her up tommorow and we are gonna go hang out* Ramito is still in Jail.. he's a dumbass for whatever he did**

ok so anyways I like someone he seems like a cool guy but i don't think he likes me!! im probably not his type* neway my birthday is On sunday and u people better call my CELL phone alright** well i am gonna go bye<3 XOxOxO gOoDnight!!

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couldnt sleep thought i should add something in my Journal [19 May 2004|01:32am]
[ mood | sad ]

Heres a song, that I love and would dedicate it to the people that have hurt me..

I'm so tired of being here
Supressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time can not erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time can not erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me
*my immortal* by evanesence
i guess after all this is making me happy that they know what it is like here u go to the guys that I know deep inside my heart was doing nothing but playing games!


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